54 Ways IT Powers the Super Bowl

As 2020’s Super Bowl approaches, there’s more than just snacks and pigskin on our minds. Consider how much technology is involved in putting on the Super Bowl, and you’ll begin to contemplate the role of IT in such a massive, national event.

While the jury is out on how expensive it is to host the Super Bowl, there’s no doubt that IT counts for an enormous chunk of that expense. And IT is not just about keeping the WiFi going in the stadium or making sure security personnel’s devices stay on. It extends nationwide with providers of all shapes and sizes ensuring their networks are up for the U.S.’s most popular game day.

In honor of the 54th Super Bowl, we’ve put together a list of 54 ways IT is involved with the production and theatrics of the game. Let us know if you can think of any others!

  1. NFL headquarters network security
  2. Security cameras transmissions
  3. Up-to-date phone systems 
  4. Disaster recovery plan such as network and service restoration
  5. Broadcasting and transmission via disaster recovery plan execution
  6. Power outage backup plan
  7. Data security in case of  potential downtime
  8. Multiple device connectivity  (phone, to computer, to monitor)
  9. Clock controller tech to manage and control the scoreboard clock, all the digital media that’s running the game, and the broadcast clock
  10. Camera connectivity between instant replay software and NFL headquarters in New York 
  11. Exhaustive wiring for connectivity
  12. Firewalls, switching, and network racks
  13. Stadium router efficiency
  14. Stadium security protocol compliance
  15. IP network security
  16. Fan’s printers printing tickets
  17. Broadcasting – Nationwide providers maintain their networks so viewers can access the game
  18. Connectivity to the replay monitor hood 
  19. The Hard Rock stadium’s 5G wireless network
  20. Stadium lighting control
  21. Mobile network accessibility for parking and navigation to stadium
  22. Barcode scanners
  23. Mobile POS systems 
  24. POS systems uptime for purchases
  25. Employee communication via radio
  26. Capture of fan updates via social media using the hashtag #superbowl
  27. Real time tweets from players around league
  28. 0% downtime with reporter and commentator broadcasting 
  29. “Kiss Cam”, camera to monitor connection
  30. Operation of action cameras on drones
  31. Operation of drones for dropping gifts and merchandise
  32. High-end cameras – Technology that captures game action in a format that enables rendering of 3D instant replays
  33. RFID tracking systems to track player’s movements
  34. Player tracking systems for viewing positions and plays
  35. Technology that enables instant replay for referees
  36. Phone systems for speedy and clear communication between head official referee in the NFL offices 
  37. NFL central command center’s 90 monitors, connecting to the stadium
  38. Phone systems for clear connection between coaches, owners, and referees 
  39. Microphone to sound system functionality
  40. Half-time show lighting system
  41. Half-time show’s sound system
  42. Half-time show’s stage motion graphics
  43. Pyrotechnic works
  44. Stage crew communication
  45. Communication between coaches and 
  46. Headsets connectivity
  47. Referees’ wireless push-to-talk headsets with radio connectivity
  48. Scoreboard uptime 
  49. Stadium TV screens connectivity
  50. Fan experience – quick wi-fi 
  51. Working automatic doors
  52. Real time updates of stats, info and interactions.
  53. Commercial schedule
  54. Live streams at home

Let us know if you can think of any others!