Celebrating Internet Friends Day With Business Technology

Valentine’s Day seems to take over February. The chocolates and balloons come out before January is even behind us. But there is a lesser-known holiday that has got us thinking about all the ways technology connects people: Internet Friends Day on February 13. The day before … [Read more...]

54 Ways IT Powers the Super Bowl

As 2020’s Super Bowl approaches, there’s more than just snacks and pigskin on our minds. Consider how much technology is involved in putting on the Super Bowl, and you’ll begin to contemplate the role of IT in such a massive, national event. While the jury is out on how … [Read more...]

Santa’s Christmas Letter: The 12 Days of Reliable and Secure IT

Dear Friend, 2019 has been quite a memorable year in the Claus household. But don’t worry! Unlike 2018, which was filled with crashed systems and data breaches, 2019 has been noteworthy as the year Santa, Inc. enlisted the help of some outside elves. That’s right, we got … [Read more...]