The Client

A single location dental practice consisting of 16 employees and one practitioner was going through an acquisition and needed to prepare for an expansion.

The Challenge

The dental practice needed an immediate upgrade of critical software which required a new server. The request was made two weeks before the software would no longer work on the existing server and faced the following significant challenges:

  • Server lead time was 4-6 weeks

  • All equipment was outdated

  • Current IT firm was a one person company

  • Customer was not HIPAA compliant as the firewall, server (the Operating System was unsupported), and network were all out of date

  • Firewall security out of date

  • Firewall had no VLANs to segment networks

  • Switching was over five years old

  • Switching had no VLANs to segment networks

  • Workstations were over five years old

  • Guest network was not segmented

The Solution

The customer reached out to KeyStone Solutions to assist with a quick turnaround. They signed a 24-month Master Service Agreement (MSA) with a $1,750 residual component. KeyStone provided a loaner server with the most current OS that is HIPAA compliant and worked with the practice software provider to upgrade and migrate to the loaner server. In the meantime, KeyStone ordered a new server, firewall, switching, Access Points, and 17 new workstations.

The Outcome

The practice software was upgraded in the two-week window on the temporary server without loss of business or production time. Wiithin 30 days, the customer was onboarded and a new server was in place and migrated from the temporary server along with a new firewall, switching, Access Points, and workstations. The baseline security review was completed along with HIPAA compliant validation.