Celebrating Internet Friends Day With Business Technology

Valentine’s Day seems to take over February. The chocolates and balloons come out before January is even behind us. But there is a lesser-known holiday that has got us thinking about all the ways technology connects people: Internet Friends Day on February 13.

The day before Valentine’s Day is one to celebrate the connection of virtual friends and all the relationships made possible by technology. Indeed, technology has not just revolutionized how people make personal connections, it has revolutionized how businesses connect both internally and externally. 

Business technologies have made it possible for companies to go global like never before and to improve operations at rapid rates.

Below, we dive into three technologies that have overhauled the way businesses work. 

1. Connecting Multi-Location Networks With SD-WAN

Software-defined networking (SDN) and software-defined wide-area networking (SD-WAN) have completely changed the way multi-location businesses manage their networks. SD-WAN has made it possible for businesses to gain visibility into every branch of their networks from one centralized location. By applying cloud-based protocols to the network, network managers no longer have to make time-intensive, costly changes in person. SD-WAN provides a virtualized means of configuring the network, overseeing security, and fixing problems remotely.

In contrast, older network management systems required expensive hardware and IT staff at each branch of a multi-location business to administer to the network. With SD-WAN, businesses connect all their locations using the public internet to give one set of IT staff at one location the ability to address any issue. 

2. Changing Business Communication With the Cloud

Cloud computing has forever altered the way businesses work by removing the on-site, hardware-based operations of old. For example, desktop as a service (DaaS) enables businesses to provide remote, secure, virtual desktops to employees so any employee can access the company’s desktop environment from any device. This solution gives businesses a secure way to broaden their workforce through cloud-based desktops. 

Software as a service (SaaS) is another cloud computing solution that has changed business operations. Instead of having to buy technology that lives on a business’s site, companies can now pay monthly subscriptions to providers such as Microsoft or Salesforce to access cloud-based programs that improve their efficiency and collaboration. 

3. Collaborating in the Cloud

Speaking of Microsoft, Office 365 is a cloud-based application that gives employees better collaboration tools for both internal and external communication. This SaaS solution enables businesses to pay a monthly subscription to Microsoft instead of having to buy technology and install it on their premises.

Now, businesses can eliminate the hassle of managing and maintaining their own collaboration technology, and can enjoy access to cloud-based programs that provide new levels of communication power. Office 365, for example, gives employees the ability to work from anywhere and access email, files, and Office programs.

Today’s technologies have gone beyond just connecting new friends online. They have enabled businesses to connect global workforces and completely alter the way they help customers. If you have questions about your business’s networking or collaboration tools, the experts at KeyStone Solutions are ready to help you.

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