Santa’s Christmas Letter: The 12 Days of Reliable and Secure IT

Dear Friend,

2019 has been quite a memorable year in the Claus household. But don’t worry! Unlike 2018, which was filled with crashed systems and data breaches, 2019 has been noteworthy as the year Santa, Inc. enlisted the help of some outside elves.

That’s right, we got ourselves a managed services provider! With our busy workers unburdened by IT, they can focus on making spirits bright this holiday season. So, instead of a long list of mistakes, we are getting ready to celebrate the 12 days of Christmas by listing the 12 ways we avoided IT frustrations in 2019.

1. WiFi Connectivity at the North Pole (Or Other Remote Places) 

Workers are no longer tethered to their desks. That means greater agility and the ability to meet customer needs flexibly. But not if your wireless network is overloaded. We avoid getting kicked off of our wireless network by using a managed services provider for preventative maintenance, security updates, and router administration.

2. Data Security For All the Boys’ and Girls’ Privacy

Maintaining naughty and nice lists means we handle a lot of sensitive information at Santa’s workshop. That means we have a higher risk and more stringent compliance requirements.

In 2019, we didn’t worry a bit about data security because we turned to Managed Security. With expert advice and guidance, our network resources are safe, and through ongoing security assessments, we always know our risk level.

3. SD-WAN: A Single Pane of Glass Instead of a Fuzzy Snow-globe

A great asset for us in the North Pole has been the management and monitoring ability provided by SD-WAN. With SD-WAN, we set business policies as part of services orchestration, then optimize traffic, control, security, performance monitoring, and more.

Since it’s all highly visible with SD-WAN, we can always count on a clear snapshot of our network, no matter where Santa’s sleigh may take him.

4. Data Backup: Making A List and Checking It Twice 

At the North Pole, we need our data. With the help of a managed services provider, we implemented scheduled backups, including cloud-based data recovery plans to ensure that business can get done without any hiccups.

5. Disaster Recovery Plan, North Pole-style

The weather’s not so great up here, and we often get the kind of snowstorms that can knock out connectivity and halt operations. Our elves have strict deadlines and cannot afford any downtime.

Our disaster recovery plan consists of strategies and policies based on our low tolerance for downtime – ensuring that we can avoid the cost of disruption. 

6. Santa’s Desktop, Mobile Device, and Tablet Sync

As Santa, I have to move around quite a bit, but like many executives, I must be able to seamlessly plug into work whenever needed. With cloud services, all of our devices can sync, allowing easy on-the-go access and portability to enhance the customer experience.

7. The Grinch Who Didn’t Steal Christmas (Information)

Hackers. Grinches. Two evil types cut from the same cloth. Both are as cuddly as a cactus and as charming as an eel.

With help from our managed services provider, we established security policies and employee training to stave off attacks that exploit common vulnerabilities such as human (or elf) error. Now, our workers are part of our “human firewall,” protecting against such threats as ransomware, malware, and social engineering attempts at data and credential theft.

8. No More Computer Crashes In the Workshop

In 2018, we had enough of hardware crashes. We solved this in 2019 by stepping up our support options from our managed services provider.

Now, we have the simplicity of one monthly bill plus preventative maintenance, on-site support options, remote support, 24/7 service ticketing, and maintenance programs for all of our equipment. With our IT Assurance membership with our provider KeyStone Solutions, we don’t have to worry about IT anymore.

9. Office 365 Email Support (Because We Get Lots of Wishlists)

Like many offices, we run on Microsoft’s Office Suite. In past years, however, we failed to use all of the beneficial features of Office 365 such as its customizability. Now, with the help of our managed services provider, we’ve unlocked the full power of Office 365.

Better still, we rest easy knowing that our email is secure and always up to date, and our workers have greater flexibility for more productivity. 

10. “Do You Hear what I Hear” — Our Phone Systems Keep Us Clearly Connected

The North Pole also needs reliable voice calling. Our managed voice services deliver robust business calling with cost savings, scalability, and service that never quits.

11. Cloud Productivity for Non-Stop Rocking Around the Christmas Tree

We also made a big leap into the cloud this year, and we’re not talking about Rudolph’s erratic navigation.

With cloud collaboration, our workers get more done, and our “customers” are happier. We’re more scalable, so we’re ready for whatever the future may bring. No missed messages, and we’ve got improved information security thanks to strict ISO security standards required in the cloud.

12. Threat Intelligence So We Can Better Know Who’s Been Bad Or Good

We spent years fearing data security threats, but now our workshop leverages the most up-to-date threat intelligence. With help from our security partner, we can be proactive, which means fewer hours lost to threat remediation. 

How’d we take our 2018 IT disasters and turn them into nothing but silent nights and joy to the world?
Our partnership with KeyStone Solutions gave us the tools, guidance, and support that we needed to leap over IT problems with ease. They handle the 12 days of Christmas and will be there by our side as we start it all over again in 2020. For more information about how KeyStone can get you joyfully singing about your IT instead of crying about IT problems, call KeyStone today. 

With wishes for a warm and connected 2020, Happy Holidays from the Clauses.