Business Continuity

Robust Business Continuity Services for Your Organization’s Peace of Mind

Expert Managed IT Services for Uninterrupted Business Continuity & Disaster Recovery

Business continuity is a strategic stance that ensures critical business functions are available to customers, suppliers, regulators, and other entities that must have access to those functions. It is critical because unexpected disruptions can lead to significant financial loss, damage to reputation, and customer distrust. In today’s fast-paced, interconnected world, any downtime can be detrimental, as it can mean lost opportunities and the potential collapse of customer trust.

As a full service Managed Service Provider, (MSP) KeyStone Solutions play a crucial role in ensuring your business continuity. With our expertise, we can anticipate potential disruptions and mitigate risks before they become issues. KeyStone Solutions provides proactive support and real-time monitoring of IT systems to ensure they are always operational, reducing downtime and allowing businesses to keep running smoothly.

The value added by KeyStone Solutions to any company is multifaceted. First, we enable businesses to focus on their core functions without the distraction of managing IT infrastructure. This allows for better allocation of resources and enhances productivity. KeyStone also brings to the table advanced technologies and methodologies that may not be accessible internally, ensuring that the business is always ahead of the curve in IT-related matters.

By utilizing our business continuity services, companies can enjoy a predictable IT budget, avoiding the cost spikes that come with emergency IT issues. Their scalable services adapt to the size and needs of the business, which is especially beneficial for growth and scaling operations. We ensure compliance with relevant regulations, which is particularly important in industries where data protection and privacy are paramount.

In the event of a disaster, your company will receive robust disaster recovery solutions to minimize downtime and data loss. We provide regular backups and have systems in place for quick data restoration, ensuring that the business’s critical functions can continue without significant interruption.

The reliability, expertise, and continuous support provided by KeyStone enhances your company’s resilience against disruptions, contributing to sustained operations and growth. Investing in our services is not just about outsourcing IT needs; it’s about creating a partnership that secures the present and paves the way for a more robust, future-proof business.

What Threats Disrupt Business Continuity?


  • 24×7 critical system monitoring and remediation
  • Network hardware troubleshooting and repair
  • System OS and 3rd party patching
  • Firmware updates
    Root cause identification and proactive
    automated response
    ISP outage monitoring
  • System OS and 3rd party patching
  • SLA backed response time for end-user reported issues
  • 3rd Party vendor engagement (for software/application support
  • Locally and cloud redundant backup for all critical data locations
  • Cloud Platform (MS365 and Google Workspace)
  • SD-WAN for multi-link/multi-site environments for seamless redundancy and internet quality visibility and reporting
  • Secondary and/or LTE based products to eliminate down-time impact
  • Zero-trust remote options for a distributed workforce
  • Hosted applications for a “work from anywhere”
  • Consulting and planning for the right BCDR system based on your specific Recovery Time Objective (RTO)
  • Backup and recovery verification and testing

Having a plan is the plan. Keeping you up is what’s up.