Voice Services

Enterprise Class Voice-over-IP Services Utilizing Hosted PBX and Sip Trunking

Hosted PBX

PBX PhoneKeystone Solutions offers Hosted PBX solutions to businesses. Hosted PBX is just a fancy way of saying that your phone system is hosted in the cloud. This gives your business the flexibility of easy remote workforce capabilities. Your business also enjoys the cost savings of an advanced phone system that is very feature-rich. We use Polycom VOIP phones as your desk phone solution. There is also a mobile app and a web-based phone solution that you can use on any computer. Some common features included with your services are: Voicemail to Email, Auto Attendants, Reporting, Remote Workforce Capability, Easy Scalability. Let Keystone Solutions evaluate your current phone needs to design the best Hosted PBX solution at a cost-effective price.

SIP Trunking

Keystone Solutions offers Sip trunking solutions to businesses that own their own on-premise phone system. This solution applies to business owners who want to save money on their telephone services by switching to Keystone Solutions. The solution typically leaves the existing phone system in place and simply provides a more cost-effective way to operate it. Using the solution also gives some redundancy and failover capabilities when the on-premise system goes out. Let Keystone Solutions evaluate your current phone needs to design the best Sip Trunking solution for you at a cost-effective price.

Benefits of VoIP Services

  • Cost savings versus traditional telephone systems

  • Remote workforce ready and friendly

  • Simple and fast phone system changes (Included at charge)

  • Feature-rich environment including voicemail to email

  • Easily scalable without infrastructure costs
  • Accessible on multiple platforms such as mobile, web, desk phone
  • Reporting, Auto Attendants, simple to use

We use only the latest technology with redundant data centers on the East and West Coast

Advanced technology will ensure that your phone system remains reliable, affordable and simple to use.  Keystone Solutions will help you transform your current telephones into a feature-rich remote workforce friendly Voice over IP system.  Keystone Solutions white gloves every installation and provides a frustration-free/downtime free experience. Changing your phone system has never been more cost-effective or simpler with Keystone as your Solutions provider.

Get back to what you do best and let KeyStone take care of IT.