The Client

A 12-location engineering company consisting of 450 employees and utilizing a local Managed Services Provider (MSP) to head their IT operations.

The Challenge

The company engaged a local MSP with personnel that had limited expertise and were inexperienced in the technologies that the CIO and executive team wanted to implement.

  • The engineering company had just experienced a massive ransomware attack

  • Server infrastructure was compromised

  • Their local MSP IT firm was inexperienced in Disaster Recovery (DR) response

  • Engineering firm lost two weeks of production

  • The MSP/IT firm did not have the ability to address all locations at the same time and could only move from location to location

The Solution

KeyStone Solutions was able to absorb, through vendor relationships, much of the existing architecture. KeyStone worked with the engineering firm’s CIO and executive team on an IT plan that moved the company into a cloud-first stance and offered the ability for a diversified workforce.

By executing a 24-month Master Service Agreement (MSA) with a $73,740 residual component, KeyStone began the process of shoring up security to prevent a future security instance. KeyStone was able to implement security training and DR plans resulting in employees view of IT which changed from negative into positive while realizing that support was available and effective.

The Outcome

The engineering firm has not experienced any further security events and engineer utilization increased by 15% in the first year. The company has realized growth and the ability to atytract new talent by being able to offer work from home options. KeyStone continues to provide the company with all IT support while working with the CIO on a long-term IT plan.