The Client

A single location, 8,000+ member church with 70 employees.

The Challenge

The church was over-paying for Hosted Voice (VoIP) and server infrastructure in Azure. The two-person IT team was struggling with ticketing and overall topology planning.

The Solution

Upon analyzing the systems, infrastructure, and IT personnel limitations, KeyStone devised the following solutions:

  • Engaged a new Hosted Voice service

  • Provisioned the installation of a new fiber connection and additional coaxial connection in an active/active roll

  • Developed a hybrid support model in which the current personnel handles all inbound ticketing and escalates to KeyStone personnel. KeyStone’s help desk manages all network-level issues

  • Facilitated Remote Machine Monitoring (RMM), anti-virus/anti-malware, patching, and network security

  • Utilized advanced email threat protection for all users

The Outcome

For the first time, the church has an IT plan for the next three years and budget items such as replacing the aging access point infrastructure. In addition, the church experienced a monthly savings of $1,400 which helps the bottom line of a non-profit organization.

  • There is now a ticketing system with escalation path which allows the existing IT personnel to concentrate on the end-user experience

  • The new circuits and SD-WAN unit have allowed for the church to prioritize the streaming traffic and allow for the needed guest access internally without compromising security or bandwidth for streaming

  • The new phone system offered new options that have allowed the employees greater versatility and higher efficiencies